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International Law Regulation Of Export And Import Activities

This is the title of my thesis, and on it I wrote the frameworks of international law of the export and import Activities, but all of them irrespective of national rules of each country. The rules of international law is the basis of exports and imports was issued by the International Organizations under the agreement with its members.

As I have previously posted about a list of International organizations around the world, there are many international organizations, which have their respective fields and a diverse range of work. There is any Bilateral organization, regional and multilateral Organization, there is also an organization is based on the similarity of potential, and interests.

Of all the organizations , I sort through to choose which multilateral organization, despite of the rules of these organizations at regional level. The result I was choose five international organizations that are relevant to the export and import, which is:
1. WTO (World Trade Organization),
2. UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law),
3. ICC (International Chamber of Commerce),
4. UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) and
5. WCO (World Customs Organization)

I was choice of five organizations which are based on universal coverage, and the rules resulting from the agreement of the members of this organization has been widely used as a basis in international trade practices, especially in the export and import activities.

For a review of the five organization above, I will discuss in the next article.

Thank you for reading, if you want to give feedback and suggestion, the comment section waiting you.


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